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Maison Montignac

Strength, endurance and performance

Dive into the world of reinvented French watchmaking with Montignac. We push the boundaries of traditional elegance to bring you watches that combine sophistication and performance. At Montignac, each piece in our collection embodies timeless elegance while evoking uncompromising determination.


Bold designs and superior quality

Montignac has been expanding rapidly in recent years, with over 600 authorized dealers. Our success is based on a double added value: first, we DARE. Automatic watch designs have always been conventional, but at Montignac, we dare to mix colors and materials, such as yellow gold, rose gold, leather and silicone, to create unique watches. Secondly, we offer watches of exceptional quality at affordable prices.


Commitment to combat sports

Our commitment to combat sports, particularly MMA and boxing, reflects our values of resilience and endurance. Montignac supports these disciplines, which embody determination and the quest for perfection, values that we integrate into every watch.


Made in France, with total transparency

As a French brand, it's important for us to highlight the expertise of our French watchmakers. Although many of our components come from Europe and Asia, our watches are designed, assembled and repaired in France, at our partners' facilities in the Franche-Comté region, in the Doubs valley near Besançon.

A watch for every occasion

Whether you're a sports enthusiast or just a collector, Montignac offers unique timepieces. From boldly colored cases to skeleton or open-heart dials, each watch is designed to give you an experience. Join the Montignac.que occasion community.

  • Maison Montignac, montre mow910

    Montignac reinvents French watchmaking by drawing on traditional French elegance.

  • Maison Montignac, montre mow601

    The iconic Montignac model, its intense black case reveals a mechanical movement at its heart.

  • Montre Maison Montignac mow150

    Let yourself be seduced by this model where gold and black meet to create an unparalleled aesthetic tension.