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Uncompromising quality coupled with disruptive aesthetics: Montignac is unrivalled in the French watchmaking landscape.

Apremium watch brand designed to bring a breath of fresh air and daring to the French watchmaking world, Montignac combines elegance and creativity in collections with an assertive identity, but at the right price.

Montignac offers a unique alchemy of four powerful, modern shapes, inspired by both age-old watchmaking canons and avant-garde brands, where the automatic is the master.

Each personality will assert itself according to a unique style where the quest for mechanical performance is combined with powerful design.

From the chrono to the three-hand, Montignac imposes no limits on itself, paving the way for watchmaking that's uninhibited, modern and daring, for lovers of authenticity off the beaten track.

  • Maison Montignac

    Here, a classic dial combines rose gold with deep black, creating an aesthetic tension like no other.

  • Maison Montignac

    Elsewhere, the dial fades away to reveal the technicality of the automatic movement, whose every cog can be admired in minute detail

  • Maison Montignac

    Pink gold tones are reflected in gradations of blue, green, black or gray.